Notes and memories of Dr Ella Chmielewska presentation today (Cultural Studies – writing with photographs)

Ella is starting by talking about the challenges she is facing in her project. One of the them is writing on writing and writing on writing with images. The text and notion is not critical and is not fictional, it is a pragmatic text. Images are descriptive interventions in the texts. She is writing about familiar subjects, perhaps over-investing into a problem which may have impacted her progress. Like a live autopsy, it is not just being naked, it is going deeper than that. External difficulties of the project – stand alone form, an ontology of photography in space. It is touching upon surfaces, both photographic and material. There is also a sense of hiding somewhere, also a repetition of the text which may be purposeful. A quote by ??? Shaw who has compared photography to fly fishing. Waiting still and patiently for eventuality. It is a place of possibility, situation of chance. The catch, just like if fly fishing comes onto the surface. Listing in the location, wordless thoughts are directed to the motion. The concentration waits the thoughts and then the time stands still, Expectant to listen, thought comes from nowhere. Concentrated nothingness. A potential dialogue takes place, in between words, in the architecture of text. Derrida and the reflection of the text, might be opposite with photographs. The three dimensional poems of Stéphane Mallarmé…


The breakthrough the radical otherness (with respect
to the philosophical concept – of the concept) always takes within philosophy
the form
of an aposteriority or an empiricism. But this is an effect of
the specular nature of philosophical reflection, philosophy being incapable
of inscribing (comprehending) what is outside it otherwise than through
the appropriating assimilation of a negative image of it, and dissemination
is written on the back – the tain – of that mirror. (Gasche, 1986)

Unthought through lived experience, pensive on topographic image. Reading and writing – opening spaces between words, the images that have surfaces, weight, casts shadows and doubts. Speaking is waiting to hear. Ian Hamilton Findley ??? meaningful images…Thinking is making thoughts to play, anticipates and provokes. Layers of information, relationship between text and image, the size of the image and its position is equality important. W. Benjamin on memory…. Philosophy  – privileged words, image – poeticism. Reading the space the gaps in between. ‘hinge’  – fixes the movement, swirling – reading and writing. Breaking through the surface.

Writing – juxtaposing quotes, different authors have a dialogue in the text, stepping in the text, writing notes around – difference in image – is much more complete. Encounters of reading…. Reread Benjamin’s the Mechanical Production – text moving and changes of functionality – horizontal to vertical.



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