Nancy Corpus

…one had to dispense with the body, with the very idea of the body. The body was born in Plato’s cave, or rather it was conceived and shaped in the form of the cave: as a prison or tomb of the soul, and the body first was thoughtfrom the inside, as buried darkness into which light only penetrates in the form of reflections, and reality only in the form of shadows. This body is seen from the inside, as in the common but anguishing fantasy of seeing the mother’s body from the inside, as in the fantasy of inhabiting one’s own belly, without father or mother, before any father and bother, before all sex and all reproduction, and of getting hold of oneself there, as a nocturnal eye open to a world of chains and simulacra. This body is first and interiority dedicated to images, and to the knowledge of images; it is the “inside” of representation, and at the same time the representation of that “inside.”
-“Corpus,” The Birth to Presence, 191-2

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