The body as ‘Place’

One of the fundamental senses of ‘place’ is that of embodiment, the body as place, realised through interaction, including interaction with one’s self through imaginary, symbolic and real dialogue; and in and through environmental interaction, in all the environmental complexities, as information environments, narrative environments, media environments, learning environments, in their built, digital and blended forms.

This is not body as anatomy or physiology. It is body as biochemical and sensori-motor activity in environmental interaction, both internal and external systems of systems, body as engagement, body as protagonist in dramas, narratives and logics which it understands intuitively but barely grasps through linguistic reflexivity, the body as caught up in bio-memoration, bio-politics, bio-economics and bio-ecologics.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Jean-Luc Nancy

Embodied philosophy


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