Postmodern Cartography, auto writing and sense of belonging

In many ways, writing seems to be constructed as a coping strategy that helps characters respond to particular spaces that they encounter (Jones, 2007). Interdependency of writing and space is expressed in Papiers perdus by Regine Robin – the perfect text that comprises a mirror image of the spaces in which individuals move. A high degree of interdependency is evident between text and individual, then, and writing and books are cast as of life-changing significance for many of the protagonists of Robin’s literary works.

Guibert’s Labyrinthine, Monstrous and Dysfunctional Space. Le Paradis – The use of labyrinth to denote the body, a complex network of interlinking veins through which in this particular book, the author describes the ways by which HIV virus travels. The labyrinth – the disorientating, entrapping space. The labyrinth symbolizes the loss of autonomy and indicates a postmodern sense of disempowerment and disorientation. Hospitals and medical spaces, are marked only by a series of arrows indicating the route patients should take.



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